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Website Design Services

BMSC-Online offers professional Website Design services as its core function. Combining certified Project Management skills with creative electronic Graphic Design and strategically applied Technical Knowledge, BMSC-Online offers a unique service to the industry.
Our websites, which are designed around specified goals offer a commitment to the success of our clients.

Have a look at what we've done for others in our clients and then contact us for a no-obligation, free quote.

Domain Registration and Website Hosting

Domain Hosting (or Website Hosting) Services apply to those organisations that already have a website simply need a way to upload it onto the web, or for companies that simply wish to register an appropriate domain for themselves for future use or for email use only.

The domain part of a website is everything after the www's, ie:, or everything after the @ sign in your email address ie:

Most domains need to be hosted and registered before anyone can actually use them. Other's can be purchased from their current owners or taken over via a dispute resolution process.


BMSC-Online has different options available, each with a separate service fee, resulting in easily-customizable packages that appeal to individuals / organisations of different levels of technical expertise.

Registration of domains currently cost R100.00 and they carry an annual renewal fee of R50.00. For BMSC-Online to handle any of the administration involved in dealing with the registrar, a R50.00 per task admin fee will be charged. ie:

  • A new domain: R100 (registration) + R50 (service fee) = R150.00
  • A domain renewal: R50.00 (renewal) + R50.00 (service fee) = R100.00
  • A domain update: No registrar costs + R50.00 (service fee) = R50.00

Please note that the above costs may fluctuate without prior notice.
If you are however able to deal directly with the Registrar, we will gladly supply you with working nameserver details, allowing you to save on service fees.


BMSC-Online currently has 2 hosting plans available. All our hosting is done on secure, stable, Linux servers. The details of our hosting packages are below:

    SMME - R40.00 per month
  • 50 Megabytes disk space
  • 25 Max email addresses
  • 1 SQL Database
  • 10 Sub-Domains
  • 1 Gigabyte Transfer Limit
    Deluxe - R120.00 per month
  • 150 Megabytes disk space
  • 100 Max email addresses
  • 20 SQL Databases
  • 40 Sub-Domains
  • 2.5 Gigabyte Transfer Limit

All options come standard with: CGI, PHP, Java utilities, Web Statistics, Email scripts, Virus Scanning, Backup facilities, Task scheduler (crontab) utilities and more.

Domain Ownership Reports

BMSC-Online is able to compile a 2 page max. report on the ownership of nearly all domains on the internet. For an upfront fee of R50.00 we can find out who the registered owners are of a particular domain and what their contact details are listed as. This report is crucial if you need to confirm the ownership of a domain that you had registered for your use.

To request a domain ownership report, let us know via the Contact Page.

Note: An invoice for R50.00 will be delivered to the email address specified above. Please ensure that all details are correct. The report will be delivered once the fee has been paid.