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How to get your website listed on Search Engines

So you've recently acquired a new website and now you'd like to know how to go about promoting your site so that people will actually visit it.

Since people make extensive use of Search Engines to find what they're looking for on the internet, it makes sense that you send the information about your site to as many Search Engines as you can.

Search engines generally required some kind of input to let them know that your new website is in existence.

Sometimes another website will link to yours and this might be enough to get your site on their database. They would crawl through the site linking to yours and automatically "discover" a new link to their site, which they'd follow and then assimilate information about your own site.

On other occassions, individual Search Engines will already have a procedure whereby you can manually add the information about your website. You'd have to visit each of them individually, and browse around on their website to find if something like that exists.

A third way, is to make use of a Directory Listing service such as the Open Directory (DMOZ), which you can find at These services maintain a categorised list of website links that Search Engines feed on on a regular basis. Go to the DMOZ website and browse to the category thats most suited to your site. Then apply for a listing.

Note: Take your time with your submission when adding it to DMOZ. It is far easier to get things right first-time around, than to send in a hasty application and change it later on.

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