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What is the email address Quota?

The quota is the amount of disk space thats a particular email address is allowed on the server.

Our webserver looks for new emails to all of your email addresses on a regular basis. When it finds one, that email is downloaded and stored temporarily on the server's hard disk until such a time as you manage to log in and check your emails.

If you dont check your emails regularly, then new emails keep getting added onto the server's hard disk until the size of those emails adds up to the size of the quota.

At that point, your administrator and the BMSC-Online administrator will receive a warning message that there is no longer any disk space available to store new emails. New emails sent to you will also be returned to the sender.

You should therefore check your emails regularly, and if possible, use an Email client such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Kmail or Evolution which downloads all emails to your local hard disk and frees up space on the server.

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