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What does the default email address do?

The default email address is where all "unrouted emails" to your domain will go.

For example, if your domain is and you've set the default email address to be, then all emails that are sent to non-existant email addresses on your domain will end up in the inbox of

Some businesses acknowledge that a potential customer may be sending emails to an incorrect email address but is legitimately intended to be received by a person in the company. For this reason, they'd set up such a mechanism in an attempt to not lose business.


Spammers can easily find out your domain and will send spam to common email address such as:
  • etc...

If you have a default email address set up then you'd receive all the spam emails for whatever email address a spammer can guess on your domain.

If you'd like, you can set the default address to :blackhole: which means that all unrouted mail will simply just be deleted,

or you can set it to :fail: which will result in a Mail-Failed error being sent to the person who has the wrong address.

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