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How do I make a password protected folder somewhere off my domain?

If you want to have a section in your domain that requires a username and a password to access it, then this FAQ explains how.

A secure, password protected area, allows you to access your confidential information via the internet by specifying a username and password to get into the protected resource. It uses the .htaccess and http authentication method to provide this type of access.

If your domain is go to in your web browser and log into your account with the administrator username and password.

Once the page has loaded, click on the icon labelled "Password Protect Directories". You will then be shown a list of all the folders on your domain. You can navigate into those folders by clicking on the icon, or if the folder you'd like to restrict access to is in the list, click on the name.

On the top of the next screen, tick the box that says "Directory requires a password to access via the web" and give the Protected Resource a Name - eg: "My Protected Folder".
Click the "Save" Button

The next step is to create a user that is allowed to access this folder:

The bottom half of the screen shows a list of users who are allowed access to this folder. To add a new user, fill in the New username and password textboxes and then click on "Add / modify authorized user". This user will be added to the list.

If you wanted to modify a user's password or delete a user, select that user from the list and click on the desired option.

To check if the folder is password protected, simply browse to the folder in your web browser - for example, if you password protected the "secret" folder on your domain, then go to in your browser. You should then be presented with a login box called "My protected resource" asking you for a username and password.

Remember that with the http authentication method, you need to close the browser down in order to "log out" - in other words, the pc you're working on remembers the password you enter until the browser is closed down. So close the browser after you've finished unless you want the next person to have access to your protected folder.

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