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by Selwyn Bergman of BMSC-Online

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Forward your spam message to the abuse contact, and remember to copy and paste the headers of the original spam email that you received. It is very important to include the headers in the forwarded message, as the ISP you are reporting the spam to will require them to investigate the matter further. You may optionally include a brief statement saying something like you've received this spam email from someone using their internet facilities.

In overview, what you have to do is: find out where the email came from, find out who is in charge of that place that the email came from, and then contact the person in charge in a specified manner letting them know whats going on.

HappyAnd thats pretty much that. The ISP now has all the information it needs to take action against the sender of the spam email. Usually the ISP's wont let you know whats happened, because they'll be getting inundated with complaints, but generally you will begin to notice a decline in the amount of spam you're receiving. In one case however, I reported someone to a local ISP and they notified the culprit of a cancellation of his account without refund, while cc'ing me on the email.

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Brilliant, easy to follow. 5 Simple Steps. Added this to my favourites. KILL ALL SPAMMERS !!! Glen - South Africa

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