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Vision, Values, Purpose, Goals and Mission



BMSC-Online was founded in March 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa, to provide solutions to meet organisations' and individuals' website requirement needs. After more than a year of operating as a sole-proprietorship, the company became registered as a Close Corporation. This marked the achievement of a major milestone in BMSC-Online's long term plans.

This Small Business Enterprise is currently 100% owned by enthusiastic Historically Disadvantaged South Africans, who collectively hold more than 20 years experience in their fields.

Realising that BMSC-Online's capabilities could be extended to offer even greater flexibility to clients, partnerships with other qualified individuals were set up to enhance capabilities in related fields.

Since 2004, the companies services have grown from offering only minor website content changes, to offering full website design and maintenance, domain registration and domain hosting, search engine optimisation and search engine registration, validation of HTML, XHTML and CSS, as well as electronic graphic design (which incorporates logo design) and software development.

BMSC-Online uses a wide range of technologies to render their services. These include things like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Javascript, Perl and CGI. All these are combined with a certified knowledge of Project Management Theory to ensure that goals are met consistently.

...knowledge of an impressive set of tools, along with the understanding of how and why to use them, and the peace of mind in knowing that it is applied in an honest, ethical and legal manner - that's BMSC-Online!

BMSC-Online also guarantees that everything the company does is achieved by using open-source or legally licensed software. Giving clients the peace of mind in knowing that their dealings with BMSC-Online do not contribute to the ever increasing problem of software piracy.

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VisionOur vision revolves around three interconnected spheres that guide the manner in which all our dealings are conducted. The spheres represent: Our Values, Our Purpose, and Our Goals.

Our Values
Integrity, Understanding and Trustworthiness rank as our major priorities when undertaking any job. By combining our knowledge with the understanding that everything we do must serve a purpose for our clients, we endeavour to provide that with services that fit their needs, and is of a standard that can be relied upon. As we also operate in an environment that is of a highly technical nature, we endeavour to remain trustworthy so that our clients have peace of mind when committing tasks to us.

Our Purpose
BMSC-Online exists to provide opportunities and solutions to our clients, through the use of our acquired skills in website design and other closely-related categories.

Our Goal
We aim to become the most effective bridge between Needs and Solutions for our clients' websites.

BMSC-Online Mission Statement:
To become the most effective bridge between Needs and Solutions for our clients' websites,
so that it provides them with opportunities and solutions,
through a trustworthy, reliable and enlightened service.

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It is no secret that BMSC-Online's continued success is due to the individuals that work in the company. BMSC-Online is made up of a dynamic team of individuals who operate in the company as Permanent Staff, Part-time Staff, Contract Staff and Agents. The interaction of these groups with our Client-base provides a unique environment through which the company continues to grow.